E-mail is great. It is usually the best way to get in touch with me. I have many accounts, but due to Spam concerns, I am only showing one here:

  • chris (at) itoph (dot) com
  • There are a lot of other iToph.com e-mail addresses as well. You can probably guess many of them.
  • I'd prefer to show the e-mail addresses directly (ie, with (at) relpaced with @) or even with a mailto link, but, Spambots would more easily be able to harvest them if I did that.

    Instant Messaging

    Instant Messaging is almost as great as e-mail. Here are my accounts:

    Service ID Link
    AOL tofferr Download
    Google tofferr (at) gmail (dot) com Download
    Skype tofferr Download
    Yahoo! tofferr Download
    MSN itophdotcom (at) hotmail (dot) com Download
    ICQ 13802495 Download
    Jabber tofferr (at) jabber (dot) org Jabber.org
    My status

    NOTE: I am currently using Trillian Pro to log into AOL, Google, Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ and Jabber on my MacBook Pro when booted into Windows. When I 'm runing Mac OS X I use Adium.

    Social Networking

  • Linked In
  • Frappr
  • MySpace
  • Friendster
  • Facebook - using my e-mail address above
  • Netflix - Click here to be my friend
  • Orkut - using my e-mail address above